Off the coast of Mexico you'll find a tiny island (only 4 miles long) that has become a destination hotspot for those looking for an inexpensive vacation, and time to relax. Welcome to Isla Mujeres! 

When I first told people I was traveling to Mexico I received mixed reactions. "Oh so you're celebrating spring break...don't drink the tap water (which is true) " And yes "use the buddy system." Although these aren't the usual reactions you hope to receive when going on vacation you can't forget about the great weather, white sandy beaches, and yes...the clear blue ocean. All good thoughts of Mexico are found on the island of Isla Mujeras.

60 minutes from the Cancun airport (including Shuttle and ferry) you'll be on the tiny island in no time! And the best part? As an American everything is relatively cheap, I.e. compared to the typical Caribbean vacation this place is literally priceless. 

Below are some hot spots on the island that you have to see/do

  • Drive to the south point of the island. Don't just walk through the sculptures, actually walk down the paths toward the ocean. You'll feel like you are walking on water.
  • Visit a local restaurant
  • Explore via golf cart
  • Stop by the Turtle Farm
  • Walk and shop through the city center
  • Shop for souvenirs at the Women's Beading Cooperative: these woman create jewelry, belts, and purses entirely out of beads. They dedicate the majority of their days at the center as they are trying to rebuild their lives. The proceeds go right to the creators pocket.
  • Drink out of a coconut and then eat it: you'll never want to drink processed coconut water from a can again

Stay at Ixchel Beach House


Tip: The locals are super nice! They will approach you on the beach and try to sell you local souvenirs. Take a look! There isn't much of a price difference between the beach vs. inside a store. Lastly, haggle...you'll pay less if you negotiate. 

Any questions? Comments? Or other suggestions for travelers? Comment below!