New ideas are coming! Up this week, is my new series of 24 hours aka how to spend 24 hours in a city. I recommend my favorite restaurants, stores, tours, and more! Why? Well because I want to make sure you can spend a fulfilling 24 hours in a city, and of course my favorite, at an affordable rate. 

First in the series is my hometown of Boston. It's funny when people ask certain history questions about Boston, and I sit there and stare blank straight at their forehead hoping for the answer to appear. SO in order to solve this I decided to be a tourist in my hometown for a weekend. Check out my hour by hour itinerary below, and of course let me know what you think!


Have breakfast at a local spot in the area you are staying. 

In Somerville , I stopped at Paul's Bakery. I first went to the known chain in Paris but it has come to America with the same delicious coffee and breakfast items. Although, the coffee fits American standards where as the French are always satisfied with a tiny/small cup of joe.


Go on a USS Constitution Cruise around Boston. The cruise is in total 45 minutes but you can stop off in Charlestown to go to the USS Constitution Museum.


Walk through the sides of Faneuil Hall then through Quincy Market, and end up at Boston Public Market. You can grab along the way at any of these places. Plenty of quirky shops, and known stores as well (I.e. Victoria Secret, Urban Outfitters, etc) to satisfy your tourist needs. Quick history fact, Quincy Market was the first market/shopping area in New England dating back to the 1800s.

Boston Public Market is in indoor market with several little booths of food items such as a donut stand, jelly stand, ice cream, meat, and vegetables. 


After walking all day, a big bowl of pasta is just what you need. Head over to the North End and grab a big bowl of homemade pasta, and a cannoli. Dinner go to Giacomo's. Cannoli's of course go to the famous Mike's Pastry


If you want to see the whole city at sunset/night go to the Skywalk Observatory. Take a cab to the prudential center and follow signs to the Top of the Hub (the restaurant). Take the same elevator as you would to the Top of the Hub but instead get off at the top floor that says Skywalk Observatory. They are on two separate floors so make sure you get off on the right one. 

Although this itinerary is only 13 hours I figured you have to sleep sometime, right? Have any questions, other recommendations? Don't hesitate to comment below. :)