The stakes were high this past weekend at the Belmont Stakes. An event where the women wear hats and the men smoke a ton of cigars. Horse racing has officially begun for the summer. 

Belmont Stakes

Although a great time, the Belmont Stakes is somewhat difficult to get to from the city. You can either Bus, Train, or Drive. We only drove because my mom was in town from Boston. Parking was only $30 in the Greenfield, and there was a free shuttle (yes, a yellow school bus) that took you straight to the venue.

There are only some options to eat. Your choices are from a food truck or from a typical food stand. I opted for the Taco Food Truck. Other food truck options included burgers, pizza, panini's, pasta, and more to fill your carb appetite. 

My last tip, unless you are a hard core gambler, you do not need to sit through the whole event. Since this was my first horse race, I thought lets go early. Early meant arriving at 12pm...and the races did not end until 8:30pm. Each race lasted about 2 minutes, and then in between each race the track was being set up and cleaned for the next one. Making Saturday an 8.5 hour long event. Find out when the main race is and go 2 hours before and stay an hour after. You'll still get the full experience...don't worry!  

Have you been before? or have ever gone before? Comment below!