Only 2 hours from Boston, you'll find the tiny island of Martha's Vineyard. A couple thousand people live on the island year around but, during the summer you'll never find the sidewalk empty. The island depicts everything you could ever imagine about New England. White picked fences, green lawns, and houses all arranged neatly along the streets. Read these tips below before you go to the island to make sure you know what you're getting into.

If you have a car:

Consider taking it along with you to the island. Unless you're a horrible parallel parker (most of the island will test this skill), taking your car is a good idea in order to see the whole island. It's only $68 each way, so if you have 4-5 people it's worth it. Plus you can see the island on your own time.

But if not, there is a bus: 

Martha's Vineyard actually has a bus. I would say it comes every 15-20 minutes and stops around the island. One way is $2.50 but there are day and week passes available, you can but the bus tickets at the ferry stations.

Don't forget to Park:

If you decide to only bring yourself on board the ferry, follow these directions in order to find the designated parking lots in Falmouth. Once at the parking lot a free shuttle will drive you directly to the ferry, and you'll be on your way. Don't make our mistake, and not read the directions'll be driving around a while to find the lots.

There are 2 different ferry drop off locations: 

My friends and I got on the wrong ferry and although it worked out for the better, pay attention to what ferry you get on from Woods Hole. From Woods Hole you can go to Oak Bluffs, or Vineyard Haven. 

If you like to bike:

 There are bikes and vespas to rent for the day or a couple hours to ride around the island. Rent before 5pm. We unfortunately got to the island too late to enjoy a nice bike ride. 

Walk Around and enjoy:

Every little town on Martha's Vineyard has restaurants, ice cream, and shopping to enjoy yourself. 

Book in advance: 

If you plan on staying on the island I would suggest booking 2-3 months in advance (unless you go during the off season October-March). During the high season rooms can get pricey or their may not be anything available. Remember it's a small small island. If you don't book in time, you can always do what we did which was stay in Falmouth for a night. It's a very cute town in Cape Cod and only a 10 minute drive from Woods Hole. 

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