Huron, Ohio. Not too many people would think to vacation in the tiny town on Lake Erie. If not for my family I don't think I would have gone either. My extended family (aunts, great uncles, cousins, and more) mostly live in Ohio. So, for the holiday we all decided to spend it together relaxing on the Lake and catching up via BQ's. 

Did you know there are islands in Lake Erie? Let's just say I learned a lot on this small trip.

My family and I ventured to Kelly's Island to drive around via golf cart and grab some lunch.  You wouldn't need more than a couple hours, and the ferry leaves from Marblehead every 30 minutes (depending on the day of the week). 

Unfortunately it wasn't as hot as I expected so I wasn't able to go for a swim. Instead, my boyfriend and I drove around the area to take some country photos that we obviously can't get in the city. 

Overall if you're looking for a very low key (very very very) time, check out Lake Erie. There are multiple places to rent for a week or more, so take your pick! 

Have any questions? Don't hesitate to ask or comment below!