Advice: How to Plan a Weekend Trip

Happy 2nd day of Summer!

Best piece of advice I can give, regarding working corporate, is work for a company that has summer Fridays. When it's 90 degrees outside and you're watching summer go by from an office window, a couple extra days off definitely will make you feel like you've enjoyed your summer. For anyone that's graduating make sure to ask during interviews if the company has this policy, it's an added bonus if they do. 

I'll definitely be documenting my upcoming trips this summer, while using my summer Friday's, so be sure to follow along. BUT Before I get into how I plan my trips I want to tell you about why buying a leather duffle bag is the best decision you'll make this summer. 

I can't count how many weekender and duffle canvas bags I've gone through in the past two years. Some don't even last more than a couple trips. Why did I continue to buy these bags that would get dirty instantly, last maybe one trip, or had the most uncomfortable straps for my shoulders? I realized I needed to find a durable leather duffle bag for the summer and ASAP. Leather bags in general are more durable, sturdy, and last for a very very long time. However finding the perfect bag that is both chic and functional is very difficult, AND a lot of the leather bags can look bulky or are heavy before you even pack them. I can't wait to receive mine in the mail and pack for my next trip in just a couple of weeks. If you need more proof why leather bags are the way to go, check out the blog article below: 

Here's how I plan my weekend trips to make sure that I get the most out two-three days:

  • Plan 1-2 months in advance to lock in places to stay, car rentals, and book bus/train/airline tickets.
  • Travel from Friday night until Sunday early afternoon, and use summer Fridays.
  • Create an itinerary on Google Docs for the weekend. I'll be posting mine soon!
  • Prepare meals for when you return which will save you time, money, and sanity.
  • Make sure buy a good leather duffle bag

Any upcoming weekend trips? I have a couple weekends to plan later on this summer, so I definitely need some suggestions on where to go!

Comments are always welcomed below!

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