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Itinéraire: 12 Hours in Amsterdam

Another itinerary is below! This time a 12 hour itinerary of Amsterdam. If you're ever in Europe and have two-three days to spend in another city, I highly suggest Amsterdam. Why? Amsterdam is the nicest, cleanest, happiest place on earth. I've never heard from anyone that has visited Amsterdam saying they had a horrible time. So for the nicest European visit, Amsterdam is the place to go.

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Itinéraire: 12 Hours in Paris

I have to start this off by saying that I'm a little bias when it comes to doing anything in Paris (I love everything that has to do with Paris). I was lucky enough my junior year of school to study abroad, for the entire year, and yes you guessed Paris. For the newbie that is just coming to Paris, below is my 12 hour day plan to have a full day of being a tourist.

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