The City of Hills: San Francisco

San Francisco; great town, really loved the weather and the fact that it's near the beautiful Pacific Ocean is a huge plus. HOWEVER, living in New York for almost 7 years I would consider myself a walker (meaning I walk everywhere, and don't drive), so I figured San Francisco would be a piece of cake. I was very very wrong. There's not one overweight person in San Francisco because almost every apartment, restaurant, and shopping area is built on a hill. 


On my first night I met up with a friend in San Francisco and as she was excited to show me her new apartment I agreed to go and see it.  What I didn't realize was to get to her apartment on the bottom of Lombard Street (the twisty/windy road) one must go up in order to get down (logic obviously). As I was walking up San Francisco's Mount Everest I reached my hand out in front of me and touched my next step in front of me. Meaning the hill I was climbing was almost at a 90 degree angle. 

I survived but by the time I got to my friends house, I was dripping sweat that we had to push back our dinner reservation 15 minutes so that I could cool down. 

Again, San Francisco is a great city and I did really enjoy it. BUT by my second day I opted to take ubers if I was going across the city.

Releasing a full itinerary on Thursday so be sure to follow along. Also, comments are always welcomed so please write below.