Myvatn Natural Baths or Blue Lagoon? Blue Lagoon or Myvatn Natural Baths ? Tourists and locals are torn, well mostly the tourists. Almost 2 years ago (wow, time flies) a good friend of mine and I rented a car (check out our video here) for 7 days and drove all over Iceland. Two wheel drive, no guard rails, and all four seasons pretty much summed up our trip. BUT, those aren't complaints, because it is still one of my favorite trips I have ever taken. 

So, which natural bath should you chose if you can only go to one? Read my reasoning for both below and you'll get a better idea. 

Lake Myvatn

A bit off the beaten track, but the more "local" place to go. No crowd fighting or having to wait in line for a shower. The Lake Myvatan hot spring is definitely the one to go to if you have time, and want to feel like a true Icelandier.

Blue Lagoon

This is a great option is you have a layover in Reykjvik. They even have a shuttle from the airport that will take you straight to the lagoon and bring you back. If you want to forget about the crowds, I would opt for the more expensive package with all the goodies (including slippers, mud mask, shampoo, conditioner, towel, and robe). 

So which one will you choose? Comment below!