Who would have thought to go to a museum after work? With a Whitney membership you can!

My boyfriend and I did the math and thought well if we go than more than 3 times a year (Adult tickets are $22), then its worth us paying for the membership. The Dual membership is a one time fee for $125 and lasts the entire year. The perks? Discounts on the restaurant and the gift shop inside. You can walk right into the museum and not have to wait in the regular admission lines. Early access on certain weekends (this is my favorite as its great to walk through a museum with NO ONE THERE), and of course Membership only nights.

Only on certain nights each month the museum is open to only its members. Along with the membership you then chose a status. There are 6 to chose from and they are baed on different museum interests. My boyfriend and I of course chose the "Social" option that came with free drink tickets, and extra guest admission passes. The last perk is that the membership gives you access to other museums around the world. We have yet to go to one on the list, but stay tuned. :)

What do you guys think? Would you get a membership to the Whitney? Comment below!