Recently I've been pushing myself to go to events around New York City that involve other bloggers so that I can learn more about them and their success. Last Thursday one of my favorite travel bloggers (C'est Christine) hosted an event at TOMS shoe store on Elizabeth street in Soho.

When I arrived, and to my surprise, the front of the store was actually a coffee shop. So where were the shoes? Toward the back of the store TOMS shoes are sold, and even further back was a little terrace with heat lamps, tables, and chairs. The terrace was the perfect place for the event as it ended in 10-12 women having a conversation with Christine about her blog, life, and travel adventures. 

After I came home that night I raved about how great this secret coffee shop was to my boyfriend and actually convinced him to come with me on Sunday. After traveling 45 minutes from our Brooklyn apartment we bought our coffee and headed down the hallway toward the terrace. On a Sunday afternoon we found everyone in the terrace working intensely on their laptops in dead silence. Making any conversation I wanted to have with my boyfriend intensely awkward (3-4 people shot their heads up even when I took a picture). 

Conclusion: if you bring a friend to grab a cup of Joe; sit in the front. But if you bring your laptop and intend to get work done sit in the terrace. Oh, and yes there is FREE WIFI.

Any coffee shop suggestions in New York? Comment below!

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