Yes, I turned 23 this week and unfortunately it landed on a Tuesday :( Luckily I was able to celebrate the weekend before with friends but of course I had to celebrate a little on my actual day.

About a month ago I walked by Doka Square, stopped to take a look at the menu and made a mental note to go back. As I usually choose where my boyfriend and I go to dinner, so I thought why not try it out. 

Great food, service, and ambiance. This is now my go to Asian Fusion restaurant in LES (Lower East Side). My boyfriend and I opted for an early dinner (long day at work + long commute= early dinner for us) so we were the only ones in the restaurant for a bit. Let's just say that we were definitely taken care of. 

Suggestion: Order the Spring Rolls and Ramen. Enjoy!

Restaurant suggestions? Comment below!

Yelp review here